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RIVFEST 2017 Maximo Park, The Rainband, Billy Bragg, Mo from The Voice, Eliza and The Bear

The Rainband will join Maximo Park, Billy Bragg, Mo from The Voice, Eliza and The Bear plus loads more at RIVFEST 2017 in September.

RivFest, the event set up by the family of the late Viola Beach guitarist River Reeves will take place on Saturday 2 September at Priestly College in Warrington, the home town of the band who died in a tragic car accident last year.

Tickets can be purchased here


The four members of Viola Beach – Reeves, Kris Leonard, Tomas Lowe, Jack Dakin – and their manager Craig Tarry were all killed when their car fell off a bridge in Sweden in February 2016.

The River Reeves Foundation has the ambition to help young people realise their dreams as actors, writers, artists, directors and musicians through grants, donations and other payments. We aim to provide the financial support that ensures passionate, talented young men and women can dare to dream about their futures within the arts.

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